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Wireless Portable MEGAPHONE Speaker Talk for Schools and universities

Wireless Portable MEGAPHONE Speaker Talk for Schools and universities   Portable Megaphone Speaker Description A portable megaphone speaker is a device that amplifies sound and is designed to be carried and used in various settings for public address or voice projection. It typically consists of a handheld microphone with a built-in speaker that amplifies the voice of the user, allowing them to be heard over a greater distance. Portable megaphone speakers are commonly used by teachers, coaches, tour guides, event organizers, and protesters. They are also used in emergency situations by first responders to communicate with crowds or to issue instructions during evacuations. Rechargeable portable megaphone speakers are commonly used in a variety of settings, including public events, sports coaching, outdoor activities, and emergency situations. They offer the convenience of a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements and reducing environmental waste.   Portable Megaphone Speaker Details Name: Portable Megaphone Speaker Model NO.JM-10SD Battery: Rechargeable Battery Life: 8-10 Hours Connectivity: Wireless Feature: Alarm SPEAKER Material: ABS Plastic Construction Size: 230X350MM Weight: 1.5kg Battery Capacity: 1500 MAh /1800 MAh Color: Red , Blue , Black Controls: Talk , Siren , Music Frequency Range: 70Hz-20KHz Power: 25W SPEAKER Handheld Speaker Type: Megaphone Channels: 1 Power Output : 25W Speaker PORTABLE Favorable Range : 800meters Working Voltage DC 7.4- 12V Power Source : Bateries 8 X 1.5V C or D ( MU-2/1 ) or LITHIUM BATTERY Measurement : 500X500X370 MM Feature : Excellent design for operations for portable Built-in Music & Siren Loud and color voice Use Scope : Police , Fire , School ,Public speech , training , transport co-management so on Place Of Origin: Zhejiang China   Portable Megaphone Speaker Applications Tour guiding: A tour guide can use a megaphone speaker to make announcements or to provide information about a place or attraction to a group of tourists. Emergency situations: First responders can use a megaphone speaker to communicate with crowds during an emergency situation, such as a fire, flood, or evacuation. Crowd control: Security personnel or law enforcement officers can use a megaphone speaker to control crowds during large events or protests.