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Built In Siren Portable MEGAPHONE Speaker Music Player For Public Address

Built In Siren Portable MEGAPHONE Speaker Music Player For Public Address   Portable Megaphone Speaker Description A wireless portable megaphone speaker is a type of megaphone speaker that uses wireless technology to connect the microphone to the speaker. This allows the speaker to be used without the need for a physical connection between the microphone and the speaker, providing greater mobility and flexibility. The alarm or siren feature typically produces a loud and attention-grabbing sound that is different from the regular voice projection of the megaphone speaker. Depending on the model, the alarm or siren can be activated by a button or switch on the device or through a remote control. An alarm speaker portable megaphone speaker can be a valuable tool for anyone who needs to get the attention of a large group of people or signal an emergency situation. It offers the convenience of a megaphone speaker with the added benefit of an attention-grabbing alarm or siren feature. Portable Megaphone Speaker Details Name: Portable Megaphone Speaker Model NO.JM-10SD Battery: Rechargeable Battery Life: 8-10 Hours Connectivity: Wireless Feature: Alarm SPEAKER Material: ABS Plastic Construction Size: 230X350MM Weight: 1.5kg Battery Capacity: 1500 MAh /1800 MAh Color: Red , Blue , Black Controls: Talk , Siren , Music Frequency Range: 70Hz-20KHz Power: 25W SPEAKER Handheld Speaker Type: Megaphone Channels: 1 Power Output : 25W Speaker PORTABLE Favorable Range : 800meters Working Voltage DC 7.4- 12V Power Source : Bateries 8 X 1.5V C or D ( MU-2/1 ) or LITHIUM BATTERY Measurement : 500X500X370 MM Feature : Excellent design for operations for portable Built-in Music & Siren Loud and color voice Use Scope : Police , Fire , School ,Public speech , training , transport co-management so on Place Of Origin: Zhejiang China   Portable Megaphone Speaker Applications Public address: A portable megaphone speaker can be used to address a large crowd in a public event, such as a rally, protest, or parade. Sports coaching: Coaches can use a megaphone speaker to give instructions to players during sports events or practices. Tour guiding: A tour guide can use a megaphone speaker to make announcements or to provide information about a place or attraction to a group of tourists. Crowd control: Security personnel or law enforcement officers can use a megaphone speaker to control crowds during large events or protests. Outdoor activities: A portable megaphone speaker can be used for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or boating to communicate with others in a group. Schools and universities: Teachers and administrators can use a megaphone speaker to make announcements or to communicate with students during assemblies or outdoor events.